Professional, efficient and reliable Laois based taxi services.

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Charlie Taxi Services

Charlie Taxi Services provides clients in Laois with our highly efficient and reliable taxi service.
Passengers can unwind in our clean and comfortable cab while we whisk them off to their destination.

Our fully registered, insured and experienced driver has intimate knowledge of Laois's distinctive geography and always makes sure to take the fastest route to a passenger’s destination.

Our range of reliable and professional services include:

  • Full Weekend 24 Taxi Service

  • Late Night Taxi Service

  • Pub/Nightclub Taxi Transfers

  • Taxi Hire

  • Pre-Booked Taxi Hire

  • Airport Transfer

  • Ferry Transfer

Need to book a taxi, get in contact with our driver directly.

Taxi Service

Our professional, reliable and efficient taxi service is available to clients in Portlaoise. We are available 24-hours a day from Thursday to Sunday, and we are available by appointment and during weekdays. We offer clients a safe, fully registered taxi service designed to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. 

Our Taxi Service includes:

  • Late Night Taxis

  • Pub Transfer

  • Nightclub Transfer

  • Early Morning Runs

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Taxi Hire

Our flexible and customer focused taxi hire service is designed around the needs of the client.
We are available for long-range runs, early morning collections and pre-organised taxi pick-ups.
Whatever your transportation needs, our professional taxi hire service has you covered.

Need to book a taxi, get in contact with Charlie Taxi Services today.

Airport Transfer

We provide a full airport transfer service that services all major air travel hubs, including:

  • Dublin Airport

  • Cork Airport

  • Shannon Airport

Our friendly airport transfer service means we can meet passengers in the terminal and help them with their luggage.

To book an airport transfer, get in contact with Charlie Taxi Services today

Ferry Transfer

Our professional ferry transfer service is available to meet and drop clients off at all of Ireland’s major ports.
Our friendly, courteous and reliable taxi service is available to assist clients with their luggage if necessary.

To book a ferry transfer, get in contact with Charlie Taxi Services today.

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